Unlock time with smart calendar management.

Schedule meetings within seconds. Put your entire calendar management into a co-pilot mode. Set meetings when they suit you best. Increase the productive working time for you and your team.

The calendar Co-Pilot: your smart calendar assistant

With our calendar Co-Pilot meetings can be coordinated within seconds with an unlimited number of participants. The complete management is automated up to the execution of the meeting. Meeting conflicts or even last-minute cancellations are eliminated.

Meetings when they suit you and your team best

Users can set personalized meeting preferences, which are then automatically matched by Zelvor with preferences of other participants. The simple scheduling process ensures that meetings always take place where they are most convenient for all participants.

Calendar without unnecessary breaks between meetings

All your meetings are arranged in dedicated meeting blocks. This way you avoid a fragmented calendar with unwanted gaps between meetings, which robs you of precious focus time.

More time for the things that really matter

Set preferences for dedicated time slots that you want to block for productive work. Zelvor protects these time windows from meetings and ensures that your calendar remains empty. For you, this means more undisturbed working time for productive activities.

Connected with the tools you use and love

Zelvor is not a separate calendar system – it integrates seamlessly with your existing Google or Outlook calendar. A consolidated technology stack for you and your team.

"Zelvor has revolutionized the management of our international meetings. Easy scheduling across time zones and more productive work time. A must-have for global teams!"

Javier Sánchez
CEO Europe WorkDB (former CTO thyssenkrupp Business Services)

Inefficient calendar management costs time and money



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