About Us

We want to help you optimize your calendar management and increase your team’s productivity.

Our Mission

How it all started

We founded Zelvor to transform calendar management for busy teams.

Through our enterprise partners, we understood that employees spend way too much time every day on calendar management.

For such an essential, yet trivial, issue there should be a simple solution allowing teams to focus on things that really matter.

Where we are today

In constant exchange with our customers, we are seamlessly developing our software. We are currently offering a wide range of features that makes calendar management for teams much easier.

We position ourselves as productivity software enabling companies to eliminate time-consuming administrative activities of calendar management.

The ability to integrate Zelvor with other software products is our main focus during development phase.

We already offer a number of API integrations, which we are constantly expanding.

Where we want to go

Our goal is to build a holistic productivity software for calendar management.

While we are currently focusing on the scheduling and management of meetings, we want to gradually address other areas, such as efficiency, or number of meetings.

With Zelvor, we want to give back as much of that precious time to the teams as we can. Our experienced team works every day with great motivation to achieve this goal.


Founding Year


Motivated Professionals




Dr. Noah Bani-Harouni

CEO & Co-Founder

Nils Moeller

CRO & Co-Founder