Your personal assistant for calendar management

The Calendar Co-Pilot takes care of all your calendar management for you. Meetings are scheduled within seconds and managed automatically.

Set personalized meeting preferences

You can feed the Calendar Co-Pilot with a variety of meeting preferences. Scheduling automatically takes all preferences into account, creating the perfect timetable for you and your team.

Scheduling within seconds

The scheduling assistant allows you to create meetings with just a few clicks. You will never again have to check your colleagues’ calendars for their availabilities or engage in a time-consuming email ping-pong.

Seamlessly integrated with external calendars

All meetings are synchronized live to your external calendar – Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. You can use Zelvor in your familiar environment; there is no need to switch to a new calendar operating system.

Regular calendar optimization

While your meeting schedule for the consecutive three days is optimally set, Zelvor checks in the background at regular intervals whether the future appointments can be set even better. We make sure that you and your team are always happy with your calendar.

Prevent conflicts & eliminate last-minute cancellations

Smart calendar management prevents double bookings for you and your team. Short-term cancellations lead to an automatic rescheduling of the meeting. This process increases the efficiency of your meetings and optimizes the participation rate.

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