The security of your data is essential to us.

We implement comprehensive data protection standards ensuring your data is in safe hands with us at all times. We process all personal data in accordance with the GDPR.

Data protection always comes first for us

The protection of your data has the highest priority for us. All personal data is being processed in accordance with the GDPR of the European Union. We do not store any data about your external meetings. Data about meetings that you schedule through Zelvor are deleted immediately after the meeting takes place.

Zelvor is hosted via German high security data centers

Zelvor is operated and hosted on Strato servers in Germany. Data is backed up in data centers in Berlin and Karlsruhe, ensuring availability and security. The data centers are certified annually according to DIN ISO 27001.

Encrypted data transfer between you and Zelvor

Data transfer is a sensitive matter, which is why communication between you and Zelvor is always encrypted. SSL certificates – an encryption protocol for data transmission between client and server – protects the data exchange. The transmitted data cannot be read by third parties without further ado.

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