External scheduling is easier than ever before.

You can easily schedule meetings with parties outside your company as well. With just a few clicks, you can delegate the entire coordination process for external meetings to the Zelvor Calendar Co-Pilot.

Identify time slots fitting your team

Define a time slot for an external meeting and Zelvor will offer you a set of meeting suggestions, automatically taking into account your team’s preferences and availability. Just with one click you know when the meeting suits you and your colleagues best.

Block meeting proposals dynamically in the calendars

Zelvor places blockers in the calendar for you and your team during the planning process so that no other meetings are scheduled in place of the meeting suggestions.

Send invitations to external participants within seconds

Zelvor automatically loads the meeting proposals into an email template, which is then sent to the external participants. A structured email is created and sent within seconds.

Easy interaction with external participants

External participants receive email with a set of meeting suggestions and by clicking on each timeslot indicate whether the date suits them, or not. The feedback is then collected by Zelvor. If none of the proposed time slots fits external participants the process starts again until suitable meeting is set.

Coordinated meeting setting with external parties

Once all feedback is received from external participants, Zelvor determines the best time for the meeting and automatically sends meeting invitations and releases the unused blockers from internal participants’ calendars.

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