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General questions

Smart Calendar Management is the use of advanced technology and intelligent algorithms to automate and optimize the process of scheduling and managing calendars. Zelvor’s smart calendar features allow you to effortlessly streamline coordination, save time, and enhance productivity.

Basic scheduling assistants help to streamline the scheduling process by allowing users to share their availability and let others book time slots accordingly. However, Zelvor goes much beyond: the algorithm finds the best possible meeting slots for users, based on everyone’s preferences and availabilities. At the same time, Zelvor creates blocked hours for focus time and defragments calendars. In addition, Zelvor incorporates advanced features such as automated meeting maintenance and conflict resolution.

Zelvor is suitable for teams looking to get rid of meeting hassle and enhance productivity. Whether your organization is in tech, professional services, manufacturing or in another industry, Zelvor streamlines your daily schedules and maximizes efficiency.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive onboarding experience that includes kick-off webinars with all new users, as well as a dedicated personal contact at Zelvor for any team member.  In case any questions arise, our helpdesk is at your disposal. Additionally, we provide a Wiki and tutorials as educational resources to ensure our users have all the necessary information and support for a satisfactory experience with Zelvor.

Getting started

Using Zelvor is designed to be a time-saving experience. You can send meeting proposals within seconds, thanks to Zelvor’s intuitive user interface. Once meetings are scheduled, the algorithm takes over the maintenance of your upcoming meetings. This autopilot functionality ensures that you can focus on your work, while Zelvor handles the scheduling details efficiently.

Getting started with us is easy. Simply book a demo, and our product experts will be in touch to discuss the next steps and guide you through our onboarding process. We look forward to assisting you on your journey with us!

No, you don’t need to swap your calendar from your existing infrastructure to Zelvor. Zelvor seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook. You can continue using your preferred calendar while leveraging the powerful features of Zelvor for Smart Calendar Management and productivity.

Currently, we are in an exclusive beta phase, and access to our services during this period is completely free of charge. We value your feedback and input as we refine our platform. In the future, we may introduce free trials, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any changes.

Meeting scheduling and preferences

When invitees have different meeting preferences, Zelvor’s algorithm finds the optimal time slot that aligns as closely as possible with everyone’s preferences. It takes into account factors such as preferred meeting times, working hours and overtime flexibility. If it’s not possible to find a slot that perfectly satisfies all participants, Zelvor selects the option that comes closest to meeting everyone’s preferences, ensuring a balanced and satisfactory outcome for all involved.

Yes, in Zelvor, you have the flexibility to turn off rescheduling if desired. You can schedule meetings as non-adjustable, indicating that you do not want the algorithm to automatically reschedule them. This option allows you to maintain control over specific meetings and ensure that they remain fixed in their designated time slots. Whether you prefer full automation or you prefer to keep certain meetings unaffected by rescheduling, Zelvor provides the flexibility to meet your personal preferences.

There is no restriction on the number of meeting invitees in Zelvor. You can invite as many participants as needed for your meetings and Zelvor will efficiently handle the scheduling process for all attendees.

Zelvor flags any infeasible meetings to the host during the initial scheduling process itself. The system will provide immediate feedback and alerts to the host. This allows the user to make necessary adjustments to the meeting invite, such as modifying the time window.

Integrations and compatibility

Currently, Zelvor supports scheduling meetings with individuals within your organization or team. We are actively working on expanding this functionality to accommodate scheduling with external contacts and it will be a future feature of Zelvor.

Yes, we are open to custom integrations. We understand that every organization has unique needs, and we are here to work with you to accommodate your specific requirements. Please reach out to us, and we will be happy to discuss your integration needs and explore how we can assist you best.

Yes, Zelvor offers integrations with various tools to enhance your scheduling experience. Currently, Zelvor seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook, allowing you to synchronize your meetings. It also provides integration with popular meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Additionally, we are actively working on expanding our integrations to include other popular tools like Jira, Monday, Slack, Trello, and more. If you have specific wishes for integrations with other tools that would further enhance your workflow and collaboration, please reach out to us.

Zelvor is primarily offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, which brings several advantages, including seamless updates, scalability, accessibility from anywhere, and reduced infrastructure overhead. SaaS allows us to provide you with the latest features and security enhancements effortlessly. However, we understand that some situations may require on-premise solutions, and we’re open to discussing how we can assist in special cases to meet your specific needs.


Yes, Zelvor provides notifications to keep you informed if your meeting has been rescheduled. You have the option to activate various push notifications and email alerts, ensuring that you receive timely updates about any changes to your scheduled meetings.

Yes, you have full control over your notifications with us. Our notifications are grouped into different themes, and you can customize your notification preferences to suit your needs. You have the flexibility to turn off entire notification groups or disable notifications individually, ensuring that you receive only the updates that are most relevant to you.

Currently, it is not possible to accept or decline invitations via email. However, we’re actively working on implementing this feature, and it’s on our product roadmap for the upcoming months. 

While we do not have an iOS/Android mobile application available at the moment, we are excited to share that we are actively working on developing one. You can expect our mobile application to be released in the upcoming months.


Currently, Zelvor is in an exclusive testing phase and we are actively gathering feedback and refining the platform. If you are interested in participating in our testing phase and getting early access to Zelvor, please let us know. We are excited to revolutionize calendar management with Zelvor and will provide updates on its availability as we progress towards the official launch.

At Zelvor, we prioritize the security and protection of your data. Your data is stored in German high-security server centers, ensuring robust data security measures. We adhere to strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means that your data is processed in accordance with the highest data protection standards. Additionally, all data transfers are encrypted to safeguard your information during transit. Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of data protection.

During the testing phase, Zelvor is currently available for free. We will provide updates on pricing plans as we progress towards the official launch.

Our application is in English, making it accessible and user-friendly for organizations beyond the European Union. We welcome users from around the globe and are here to provide our services to anyone who can benefit from them. If you have any specific questions or requirements, please feel free to reach out to us.

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