Seamlessly connected to the tools you use.

Zelvor integrates easily with the tools you use. We are currently offering integrations with popular calendar platforms, as well as a variety of video conferencing apps. More integrations are coming soon.

Automatic synchronization with your external calendar

Zelvor is not a separate calendar system – it integrates seamlessly with your existing calendar (Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook). All meetings are synchronized live with your external calendar. A consolidated technology stack for you and your team.

The Calendar Co-Pilot includes all your calendars

Integrate multiple calendars with Zelvor, e.g. your business and your private calendar. Private meetings are given equal priority in the schedule to avoid conflicts.

Seamlessly organize video conferences

You can choose from a variety of video conferencing providers (e.g. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams) to automatically create video conference links for your meetings. Set up video and phone conferences quickly and easily with Zelvor.

Would you like to learn more about Zelvor?

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