Meetings aligned with your preferences.

You can provide Zelvor with detailed meeting preferences, which are then automatically taken into account in the scheduling process. The Calendar Co-Pilot ensures that the preferences of all participants match as closely as possible for each meeting.

Transparent working hours.

Define your core working hours for each day of the week. These time slots provide the framework for your availability for meetings. No more meetings requests for you outside your working hours.

Overtime flexibility margin for important meetings.

You can tell Zelvor that in exceptional situations you are also available outside of your regular working hours (within a predefined framework). This ensures that you are always available for important meetings.

Participate in meetings in a more focused manner.

The co-pilot ensures that meeting blocks are always as long as you want them to be. So you’ll never sit in long endless loops of meetings again. If it does take longer, breaks can be scheduled automatically so that you can recover between meetings.

Meetings when they suit you best.

Enter detailed preferences on which days or at which times meetings suit you best. These time slots are prioritized by Zevlor in the scheduling process.

Blocked time windows for productive work.

To ensure that you have enough undisturbed working time for productive work besides your meetings, you can block out dedicated time slots for this purpose. Zelvor prevents that you get meetings in your calendar for these time windows.

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