More productive working time for you and your team.

Zelvor allows you to eliminate any coordination effort for your calendar. Your calendar defragments to get the most out of each day. Protected time windows for undisturbed work guarantee maximum productivity.

A defragmented calendar without unnecessary gaps.

All your meetings are arranged so that you have no unnecessary gaps between individual meetings. This also takes into account your external meetings that are not scheduled via Zelvor. This way you avoid a fragmented calendar with unnecessary gaps between meetings, which robs you of precious working time.

More time for the things that really matter.

Set preferences for dedicated time slots that you want to protect for productive work. Zelvor protects these time windows from meetings and ensures that your calendar remains empty. For you, this means more undisturbed working time for productive activities.

Scheduling within seconds.

The scheduling assistant lets you create meetings with just a few clicks. You’ll never have to deal with checking your colleagues’ calendars for their availabilities or time-consuming email ping-pong again.

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